20059 Lichfield June 2016 SMALLEr

Home is where the House is, They Tell Me.

It’s a weird thing to look at a wall and think that you’re responsible for its well being. The wall which keeps you warm and safe, also requires you to keep it upright, airtight and water-proof. It needs to be colored properly. It’s up to you. You and the wall. You are there for each […]
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A Kid and a Snail

It could all come back soon. Purple. The holes in the ceiling that shine. The leaf-paths sparkling because of it. It took a patient 15 year-old to find a Mayan city. His muscles haven’t developed yet but he doesn’t abuse digits; he could look for the town. The mystery snail doesn’t need a chip. He […]
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Tombook, for a while.

I’m taking a break from facebook, maybe until the election is over. Sure, I have a lot to say, but I’m tired of everything else that comes with it. For now, everything I post will land here, and propagate out to the social spaces. I’ll spend some time reading the newspapers, developing film, looking at […]
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Old Post

Photo: Smoky Mountain Roll (35mm)

I tried something different with a few rolls in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These shots are slightly underexposed and developed at a regular rate (Kodak Tri-X 400). Click an image.
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