Be an Artist…

But don't be an asshole. The art is not about you. You are the vessel. Do not decide that you are an 'artist.' Decide to craft art.
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Help Us Make Our First Record

We’re (Laverty-Torres Group) taking another stab at a KickStarter campaign. This time, we’re asking for much less money by cutting out a majority of the costs except for the actual pressing of the vinyl and copying of the cassettes. It goes without saying the album will also come in digital format, so if that’s your […]
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ENG 102 (15) Fall 2016

Week One Reading: “Superman and Me” — Sherman Alexie “Mother Tongue” — Amy Tan Week Two Reading: “A Just Cause ≠ A Just War” — Howard Zinn
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20059 Lichfield June 2016 SMALLEr

Home is where the House is, They Tell Me.

It’s a weird thing to look at a wall and think that you’re responsible for its well being. The wall which keeps you warm and safe, also requires you to keep it upright, airtight and water-proof. It needs to be colored properly. It’s up to you. You and the wall. You are there for each […]
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A Kid and a Snail

It could all come back soon. Purple. The holes in the ceiling that shine. The leaf-paths sparkling because of it. It took a patient 15 year-old to find a Mayan city. His muscles haven’t developed yet but he doesn’t abuse digits; he could look for the town. The mystery snail doesn’t need a chip. He […]
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