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Five Films of Great Importance

This is a small batch of films that after watching, you will have a better understanding of why things are as f***ed up as they are. When you connect the dots, the picture becomes clear. Truth is stranger than fiction. 1) Money Masters: While this film is incredibly dry, and monotone, it does the best to explain the history of… Read more →

Welcome Back, Prince

On my way home from work, I stopped for a six pack. I had some celebrating to do. I asked the cashier if they’d been busy tonight. He said “Not really.” Perhaps not all Tigers fans are as convinced the signing of Prince Fielder was the right move. Let’s face it: there was no replacement for Victor Martinez, who batted… Read more →


To be honest, I can’t remember it ever panning out. There is always someone striking out in the back of the mind. Always a guy hitting .187 in there. Always a guy letting routine ground balls go past. Always a Billy Buckner. Always a Jim Joyce. Always someone’s fault. Let me give you an example. My brother says “All you… Read more →

US out of Iran

If the United States engages Iran in any way (which is looking like an inevitability) I will have lost all faith in my government, all hope in peace, and all confidence the United Nations. Wait a minute, I never had confidence in the UN. All it has done is looked pretty – been a nice building for the establishment bimbos… Read more →

10 Great Blog Topics to Get You Started

To get you started in 2012, here is a list of great blog-topics to get you started on your terrible, uninspiring blogspot or WordPress blog. 1) Write about a trip somewhere. Did you go to Florida for spring break, or did you go to Cedar Point with your cousins? Write about it. Everybody likes hearing a nice story about getting… Read more →

Our New Years Resolutions

I want 2011 back. Matter of fact, I want the last ten years back. Here’s what we’ll do. We will make our own webspaces and use facebook less. We will stop looking into our cell-phones so much. We will cook dinner and invite people over more often. We’ll ask more from our government, instead of letting them ask more from us.… Read more →