Monthly Archives: March 2012

Preview Snuck.

The following is a piece from a body of work called Unfortunately which I’m currently working on. Cheers!   Cigarettes   Excuse me, bro. Could you spare me a cigarette? Everyone has been turning me down. Are you surprised? How do you mean? Are you surprised that no one will give you a cigarette? Yeah man, […]

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Improbable Volta

In the shadowy evening, two fawns stepped lightly into a shallow pool of hogshit which had washed downriver. Look at the white flower as it blooms up your ass. Love, like the moon, was not made for lovers; they were meant to argue in the Rally’s parking lot under the slanted red sun. His heart […]

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Last Month’s News

Snooki is Pregnant. Rick Santorum is being taken seriously. Basketball game. Highway, two red lights. Legs tired. Have it your way. I’m lovin’ it. Guns don’t kill people, TJ Lane does. Nicki Minaj’s booty. Puffy shoes and fluorescent laces. The end of the world. There is not enough room in Iran for Iran. Shots ring […]

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