Monthly Archives: April 2012

Inge, Delmon Young, Crap.

I’m not sure if it’s correct or normal to be bent-out-of-shape over a ballplayer being released, but I am. I loved Brandon Inge, which is coming as a surprise to anyone I’ve spoken to over the past year. It’s likely I was telling you how much I wanted him gone. I admit. But now that he’s gone, it’s hard to… Read more →

Top News Stories Being Kept Quiet

Below is a list of news the mainstream media have found in their best interests to skim over. What’s more important to them is the continued barrage of race-baiting, and yellow-journalism. Turn on your TV, you won’t be hearing about any of this, and if you do, it’s most definitely spun into cotton-candy news. Iran is not an imminent threat: As… Read more →


Rob Knevels – Concealed Camera Holder

Rob Knevels was holding a camera when I met him, and has been holding a camera for the last ten years, or so. A cheap Sony camera, another cheap Sony camera, a cheap video camera. There was one 35mm in there, a few loaned cameras, and a few thousand phone-pictures. There was an 8mm video camera on loan from the… Read more →

2012 in past and present tense

The Mayans didn’t say the world would end. Their calendar ended. Orson Welles didn’t mean to scare everyone but he sure as hell did. Michael Jordan was great. So was the great wall. They vilified the ocean. A hole was being made in the sky, at the top of the Earth. The old men at the tailor sat confused, waiting for… Read more →