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Join Hands in War

Let’s go to war based on circumstantial evidence, because last time (Iraq) it worked out great. Look how well things are going in Iraq. Shia and Sunni are one big happy family now, thanks to Uncle Sam. Now let’s bring that brand of Freedom to Syria. 9% of Americans support intervention in Syria, yet the US government is sending our… Read more →

2004 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony In New York - Show

Tyranny, Patriots, Plots, Lobby, Corporatocracy

The result of the last thirty-forty years of policy, Democrat and Republican, has been the unintentional birth and breeding of a new class of American Patriots, not deemed to stir up trouble, but to butt up against the lack of integrity in government. Senators and Congressmen are directed by flowing policy, which is directed by money or corporation. All lines… Read more →

Talk to me About Gun Control

Let me ask you some questions. What do you mean when you talk about gun control? Do you mean, that you want to control who has the guns? When governments decide their people cannot have guns, bad things happen (see China, Guatemala, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Ottoman Turkey, Native Americans). Are you saying that no one should be allowed… Read more →

What is the Electoral College?

Many of you are asking: what is the electoral college, as election day rears its irrelevant head on the country. Tomorrow night, there will either be a new president, or an incumbent, and some of you might be surprised to find that your vote means less than a stray piece of shit that makes its way back up to the… Read more →

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – Part One

  I found this picture on the internet. First, it made me laugh. Second, it made me nostalgic. I thought it made more sense than before – that their hair makes more sense switched. And then I thought, why can’t the loser become Second Place President? Why not have both of these clowns in the same office. What difference would it make? Two… Read more →

Corporatocracy is Trying to Talk, Please Be Quiet

The answer to many questions in life is: “Follow the money.” Well, it’s really not an answer, it’s a step towards finding the truth about things. In this case, we’re following the money behind Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney’s funding for the 2012 election cycle. Without explaining things away the similarities should help voters understand how things work in their… Read more →

Weed-whacker Abuse.

Get a lawn-mower. It’s that simple. That way, you don’t have to meticulously comb the yard with the annoying weed-whacker. On top of that, your neighbors won’t despise you for being an inconsiderate ass. Lawn-mowers are larger, thus they cover more ground. The weed-whacker is used mainly for getting into hard spots, corners, around trees, against the house, etc. Something… Read more →