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Join Hands in War

Let’s go to war based on circumstantial evidence, because last time (Iraq) it worked out great. Look how well things are going in Iraq. Shia and Sunni are one big happy family now, thanks to Uncle Sam. Now let’s bring that brand of Freedom to Syria. 9% of Americans support intervention in Syria, yet the US government is sending our… Read more →

2004 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony In New York - Show

Tyranny, Patriots, Plots, Lobby, Corporatocracy

The result of the last thirty-forty years of policy, Democrat and Republican, has been the unintentional birth and breeding of a new class of American Patriots, not deemed to stir up trouble, but to butt up against the lack of integrity in government. Senators and Congressmen are directed by flowing policy, which is directed by money or corporation. All lines… Read more →